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Q1: What is a Shared Car Rate and how does that affect my pickup?
A1: Shared car is available for 1 or 2 passengers. With shared, you are charged a reduced fare which gives Chicago Metropolitan Limousine the opportunity to “share” your ride with another passenger. The other passenger would have a compatible pick-up time and be in the general vicinity of you. It’s important to be ready at your scheduled time.

Q2: What is a Private Car ride?
A2: Private car rides are charged when you request to ride alone; if there are 3 or more passengers in your group; for pickups to O’Hare before 5:00am or from O’Hare after 11:00pm; on major holidays; pets; or excessive luggage (this is includes golf clubs & skis). Also, if you plan on stopping, you are charged Private car rate plus an additional charge for the stop.

Q3: Are there any additional charges from what I was quoted?
A3: We have included the airport fees when we quoted your rate. (O’Hare & Midway charge a $2.00 MPEA tax for your pick up from the airport only, Milwaukee charges $3.00). We no longer charge for tolls. Tip or gratuity is customary (average is about 15%), but it is at your discretion how much to tip. A gas surcharge may go into effect if gas prices reach over $3.00/gallon.

Q4: What if I want to make a stop?
A4: We generally will charge you for a private ride, then an additional $20 to make a stop. The price may vary if the stop is out of the way. Call for quote just to be sure.

Q5: How do I meet my driver at the airport?
A5: Always collect your luggage first, then call us once you are on the lower luggage by the baggage claim. We will instruct you which door to go out, to walk to the middle island out, then a description of the car that is being sent for you (including the license plate #). It is helpful to have paper & pen to write down the information we give you). Most of the time it will be about 10minutes for the driver to make it to the terminals for you.

Q6: Why do I have to call?
A6: Even though this is a “prearranged ride” all passengers must call when ready. The city of Chicago has determined this policy. The vehicles hold in a staging area and are sent down once you notified us you have your luggage. Increased traffic in the terminals and which terminal you are in will affect the time it takes the car to get to you.

Q7: What if I need to be met inside the airport?
A7: Due to federal guidelines, we can no longer meet passengers at the gate. However, we are able to meet you in the baggage claim with a sign and assist you to the vehicle. You will be charged a Private car ride, plus an additional $45 to be met inside. You must give us advanced notice to accommodate your request.

Q8: What if my flight is late?
A8: Our computer system automatically checks your flight arrivals for O’Hare, Midway and Milwaukee. We will continue to hold your car as long as the airlines confirm your flight is arriving. However, you must notify us if you change your flight or the airline switches you to a new flight. We may charge you if you don’t notify us (at least 1 hour before your flight was scheduled to arrive).

Q9: What is the cancellation policy?
A9: As a courtesy, please contact us at least 1-2 hours in advance if you wish to change or cancel your reservation. In most cases the chauffeur has been given the reservation information about 90 minutes ahead of time so he/she arrives at your scheduled pick up on time. You will not be charged if you give us adequate notice.

Q10: How do I make a reservation?
A10: You can call our office at 847-913-9600 or 800-242-2657. Or you may book online by clicking on the Reservations option (this option is available for trips to/from the airport only?

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